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Kathleen Arenstam, LMT, RMT​

Kathleen believes everyone would benefit from good regular massage. It enhances your performance in whatever you do.  It opens you up to a higher level of being.   Not only pain free but balanced calm and clear. Image what that would do for your performance at work, your relationships, any sports or stage performances and your health.

Kathleen has always had a interest in living well and heathily.She started her career in healthcare as an ophthalmic technician  with a specialty in surgery. While it was an interesting and fulfilling job, it was also very busy and stressful.  A co-worker encouraged Kathleen to try massage for stress relief.  Although a bit nervous about what to expect for her first massage, she was greatly relieved to find the whole experience so pleasant and relaxing.  That first massage led to many more until massage was a regular staple in her life.  She was amazed how something so simple could have such a profound effect on her whole being.                  

Since then, Kathleen has graduated from NH Tech. College's Massage Program, in 2001.  Ongoing education is a top priority, for Kathleen.   

These are just some of the continuing education credits that she has received:

Dec. 1998    Reiki I,      Libby Barnett at the Reiki Healing Connection

June 1999    Reiki II     Libby Barnett at The Reiki Healing Connection

Jan 1999- May 2001     Certificate of Massage Therapy at NHCTC

Oct 2001                     European Hot Stone Massage  

Jan 2002                     Reiki Master, Shamballa by Dottie Fong

Oct 2002                     Bonnie Prudens Pain Eraser

Nov 2003                    Muscular Dysfunction at Bohler Instittute

Oct 2004                    Sport Massage

April 2005                   Biotone Spa Services

Dec 2007                    Pre and Postnatal Massage Certificate                                 

Nov 2008                    Reiki Master, at Kripalu with Libby Barnett

Nov 2009                    Energy dynamics, at Kripalu

Dec 2011                    Simple Contact, A must for Pain Management 

July 2013                    Functional Fitness, 26 hrs, Great Courses

Dec 2015                    Structural Integration, Posture/Movemant

Dec 2015                    Myofascial Release Clinical Applications 


Melissa Maltais, LMT, Reiki I




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